JAED pottery and art
Unique One Of A Kind
  As potters we try to be different, so we make one of a kind pottery!  Such as Horse Hair pottery. Horse Hair will not hold water as there is no glaze on the inside, but it is a piece of pottery that will set off anyone's collection or just be a single conversation piece. There will never be two alike!
  Also we do Raku pottery which are a different kind of glazes that contain metals such as lead. They are purely decorative and not food safe! 
  Also my wife is a very good artist and sculptress, she loves  sculpting different images. She makes birds, all sorts of animals, figurines,
suns and moons, so we have  included a few on this page. Ask and she can probably sculpt something for you! 

    Raku           $89.00
        Large Red Raku      $89.00                              Raku Jar      $39.00
Santa        $89.00
Horse Hair Vase    $89.00                   Horse Hair Bowl     $79.00 
Huge Belgian Horse Jar        $325.00
Morning Glory Jar   $195.00
Bigggg Horse Hair Jar   $325.00
Raku Jars     SOLD                           $69.00
Buffalo              $49.00
      Fish or Faces done in Raku        $45.00 each
  Hound Dog               SOLD                 Octopus                           SOLD
First two are SOLD                      Last one $49.00            
Face or sun will hang also         $45.00  each
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